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Mthatha Backpackers offers tours to the following destinations

Nelson Mandela Museums Tours.

There are three sites to visit that will take you through the life of Nelson Mandela.

Nelson Mandela Museum - Mthatha

A guide will lead you through the museum and update you with history of Mandela.
Here you can exsperience the long walk to freedom and also see a collection
of gifts Madiba received from around the world.
A wonderful educational experience of the first president of a democratic South Africa.

Nelson Mandela Museum - Qunu

At Qunu you can experience the way he lived as a child, sliding down the big rock
and swimming in the river below (if you bring your costume along you can take a dip in the same river). You will also be updated with the history of the ANC by the guides.
From whithin the museum grounds you can make out his modern home that is a replica of the first comfortable house he lived in while in prison (just before his release).

Nelson Mandela Museum - Mvezo
Then there is Mvezo a small village surounded by the beautiful Mbhashe gorge
where the spirit of Africa, Rolihlahla Nelson Mandela was born.

Entrance to all three venues is free!
Book the shuttle with Angus or Cupie.

The Waterfalls and Gorge Tour

The Tsitsa Falls are one of South Africa's biggest falls and yet not many South Africans
know it exist. This is a great opportunity for you to discover it for yourself. Tsitsa will be our first stop and we will enjoy a snack with coffee or tea.

Our second stop takes us through a small village and down a old track until vegetation block the road, here we leave the vehicle and carry on by foot. Now we follow the cattle track down into the Thina river gorge and we will show you where the river disapears down the valleys.

Our third and last stop will be in the Gorge, here you will cool off in the river with
something cold in hand while we prepare a late lunch for you.
This is where the two mighty rivers The Tsitsa and Thina meet to form the
third bigest river in South Africa, the Umzimvubu River.
The road into the gorge has only been build recently. It is a very remote place and some
of the plant species has not been identified yet. There are some very unique plants in the valley (the perfect place for botanists).
For those of you who love the outdoors, this is for you.

The Mthatha area is a birders' delight.
On our tours you might see the Ground hornbill, crane birds - crown and blue,
prey birds like the Cape Vulture and many more... Also there are many birds here not to be found elswhere in South Africa
Another secret is that we are the only area where one is likely to see the rare
Egyptian vulture, with a pair believed to be nesting between the Thina and Tsitsa
river gorges.
Birders can also take part on the anually count of the rare Cape parrot.
So bring your cameras and binoculars and have some fun (peacefully ofcourse).

For more info give us a call..

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